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Vitality Magazine's goal is to tell interesting, entertaining stories featuring all sexualities and all genders in all genres and mediums where the focus of the story is NOT on the character’s sexuality/gender. We currently have a free minizine available for download on our website, and are running a kickstarter. Help us spread the word so we can make Vitality awesome!

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I hear people say “oh my god I hate people” all the time without backlash. everyone knows they don’t hate every single individual in humanity. they have friends and family they love and hang out with. they simply hate the greedy, corrupted, oppressive nature of some human beings.
but the minute we say something about white people or men, no one seems to understand that it’s the same concept.






I love how they look at each other then Molly looks down all embarrassed

Who told you this was alright?

Because nothing mirrors a long and happy marriage for the two people who just said “I do” like having the happily-engaged doctor type make googly eyes with the divorced (and unattached) law enforcement type, then look guiltily away.

they are so getting together s4

I ship them so hard.

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